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Essay on social service

essay on social service

military service, is only permissible in a period of emergency. Its appeal is to the noblest instincts of the people. It has already crossed the 1,027 million mark and India has become the second- most populous college essay writer country in the world. How can students contribute to society? Ultimately, the governments, the municipalities, the public bodies constituted and paid for doing special jobs, must bear the responsibility of serving social needs. Social service has a liberalising and cementing influence.

One can serve the society to his hearts content. If we only think and care for ourselves, we become self-seeking. Advertisements: Programmes are being implemented for the early detection and treatment, education, training and rehabilitation of disabled persons, namely, the blind, the deaf, the orthopedically handicapped, the mentally retarded, spastics and the leprosy cured persons. Doctors can serve by attending to the ailing without being influenced by thoughts of pecuniary gains. These slums lack sanitation. This has deadened our sense of social obligation and responsibility. Let it be according to his capacity. The money is usually allotted to categorized areas, areas that contain a limited population. Man lives in society, depending on mutual cooperation. Another negative aspect of being under the public categorization is that with governmental funds you get governmental laws and boundaries.

How can a professional within the social work field promote well being, quality of life, social justice, enhancement or empowerment if the local, state, and federal laws and policies deter him or her? To enlighten the farmers about the modern method of farming is a social service. First of all, groups of educated people can go out to villages and educate the illiterate.

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